Salli Riding Pad Pony

Salli Riding Pad Pony

Salli Riding Pad Pony er lavet af overskudslæder

Salli Riding Pad Pony is meant for children riding ponies or donkeys. Stirrups can be lifted high enough.

This model also has support for the knees and back for extra security. The knee supports prevent your legs getting too much in the front, which makes your position better. The back support prevents you from sliding backwards.

The Pad offers you comfort, warmth and the ability to sit more correctly, due to the middle gap. You get closer to your horse, and feel its movements more clearly. The pad is thinner than a saddle and it will increase your horse’s sensitivity to your sitting, improve your own balance, and make you more confident to ride without a saddle.  It is also good variation for the horse’s back.

Salli Riding Pad is simple and very light, yet lasting and strong due to its natural, high-quality materials. The non-slippery surface helps you to stay in place.

The pad stays on with a regular girth. You also have the chance to add stirrups for extra support. Stirrups, however, are not to be leaned on, because the Pad is treeless. The girth and stirrups are not included.

  • 35 mm thick padded suede overlay, supports 100 mm
  • Foam supports for knees and back
  • Seat made of 10 mm thick cell rubber, seat length 23 cm
  • Length of the pad 43 cm
  • Balance handle
  • Backside strong and breathing linen
  • Girth straps strong leather, length 46 cm
  • Colour Grey & Black
  • Ecological, made of leftover leather from Salli chair production
  • Weight 1,4 kg
  • Warranty 2 years

Clean with a brush or Marseille soap (the Pad comes with cleaning instructions). No machine wash.

Rengøring af riding pads i ruskind:

Rengør med en børste eller Marseille-sæbe (Paden leveres med rengøringsvejledning). Ingen maskinvask.

Fjern løst snavs med en børste.

Hvis børstningen ikke fjerner snavset, fugtes en klud med mildt sæbevand (anvend Marseille sæbe) og snavset tørres væk. Vask med vand anbefales ikke

Riding Pad`en må ikke tørres et sted, hvor der er for varmt (max 40°C).

Smør læderremmen regelmæssigt med læderfedt.

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